Value Portfolios

Fama and French [footnote] as well as others, have demonstrated that on average, value investing outperforms growth investing where “value” is synonymous with “cheap” and “growth” is synonymous with “expensive”. In this context, “value” is often defined by a low ratio of stock price to the book value of the company while “growth” is identified as a high price to book ratio. Jantz Management improves and redefines “value” as valuation. Read more about Value products

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Portfolios

JM’s ESG portfolios utilize the firm’s quantitative stock selection models and optimization techniques (designed to minimize the variance of portfolio return while maintaining a high rate of expected return) as a mechanism for integrating non-financial information on companies’ environmental, social and governance practices into the portfolio construction process. JM believes that ESG data captures non-financial risks associated with firm behavior and that it is an underutilized source (signal) for enhancing portfolio returns and reducing portfolio risk. Read more about ESG products

350 & Fossil Free Portfolios

JM specializes in developing proprietary quantitative stock selection and portfolio management methods that integrate fundamental financial with ESG data in the portfolio construction process. Our socially responsible 350 and fossil free portfolios invest in firms that promote health and well-being of individuals, communities and the environment through their products, services and fair business practices affecting all their stakeholders. 350 portfolios are constructed to exclude the “top 200 listed companies by carbon reserves” as identified by the Carbon Tracker Initiative and companies and that produce alcohol, tobacco, weaponry, gambling and nuclear energy. Read more about 350 and Fossil Free products

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