A New Approach to Value

Since 2002, Jantz Management has worked to create value portfolios to meet long-term financial goals for individual investors, RIAs, institutions and foundations. Have questions about our approach? We would be glad to talk further!  

Diversify Your Portfolio

Value investing provides diversification in a portfolio to help support and create long term investment growth.  Our belief is that Jantz Management's quantitative focus on undervalued stocks will outperform comparable Value Indexes over time.  

Sustainable & Responsible

Our team is committed to helping you invest your funds responsibly--sustainable responsible investing has been shown to be a serious investment option for those concerned about building a sustainable future.


Our Clients

 Jantz Management targets individual  investors, RIAs, institutions and foundations by directly managing funds  providing  portfolio diversification into undervalued S&P companies.  

Jantz Management also licenses  its investment products to Registered Investment Advisors and institutional investors looking for socially responsible value investing options for their clients.  We support women, diversity, efforts to address environmental/climate issues, fossil fuel free initiatives and shareholder activism.

Jantz Management's unique quantitative approach towards SRI investing provides strong options for those looking to invest in undervalued S&P companies.  Our management team does the work for you behind the scenes!

Jantz Management's Philosophy and Strategy

Pioneering SRI Investing

Chris Jantz, CEO, strongly believes that investing for value should still be done responsibly.  Her company (since 2002) was one of the pioneers in quantitative SRI  investing.  Jantz Management continues to advocate for strong shareholder values and responsible investing.  This includes shareholder activism, proxy voting, climate change initiatives, and investing in companies that promote a sustainable future by reducing fossil fuel consumption.  

Quantitative Value Investing

As an MIT Sloan graduate, Chris used her previous math, statistical and management consulting expertise to develop a quantitative approach towards value investing.  The mathematical model she created targets S&P companies that are undervalued while screening out companies that are less environmentally friendly.  Jantz Management's active investments differ from passive value indexes by specifically targeting undervalued S&P  companies.

Portfolio Diversification

Jantz Management's philosophy is that investors should consider diversifying a portion of their assets in long term U.S. value stocks. Value  strategies  historically outperform growth when the economy expands and investors move assets into undervalued stocks resulting in price appreciation. 

JM"s  approach exploits market trends, buying miss-priced stocks with future potential. 

Investing with a Purpose

Environmental Impact


Our future depends on our actions now.  Investing in clean, energy efficient and green companies is essential to our future.

Gender Equality


Jantz Management is a 100% female owned company pioneering  socially responsible quantitative value investing (TM).

Sustainable Resources


Are you using your investments to support a sustainable future?  Investing in  ESG progressive companies just makes sense in the 21st century .

Shareholder Activism


 Jantz Management actively  leads and supports shareholder proposals making a difference! One of our groundbreaking shareholder proposals was requesting companies create a net zero greenhouse gas emission goal by 2030.

Proxy Voting


JM supports a wide variety of environmental, social, and governance proposals targeting company policies promoting beneficial  ESG outcomes. We believe that investments should make a difference.

Working Together


Are you  looking to invest funds responsibly while diversifying your assets? Jantz Management provides both direct investment management and licenses its products for Registered Investment Advisors .

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