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Jantz Management offers separately managed accounts to individuals, institutional investors and foundations by directly managing funds and providing  portfolio diversification through value portfolios.

Jantz Management licenses model portfolios to Registered Investment Advisors and firms looking for socially responsible value investing options for their clients.  We support environmental initiatives, women, gender equity, diversity, climate change reduction, and shareholder activism.

Jantz Management's unique quantitative approach towards socially responsible investing provides strong options for those looking to invest in undervalued S&P companies.  Our management team does the work for you behind the scenes!

Value Adds Diversification to an Overall Approach!

Whether you are an accredited investor, a foundation, or a Registered Investment Advisor looking for value funds for your clients, our Belief is that...

1.  You are wanting solid investments to help diversify your portfolio,

2.  Value strategies help provide that diversity, and 

3.  Sustainable, responsible investing is a choice necessary to support our future world.


Growth vs. Value?

Marching Toward the Madness”, Barron’s Updated Jan. 18, 2019

"The stock market’s slide last year started around the end of September. There was much oohing and aahing over declines for the tech darlings, but in fact, the cheap stocks have been marked down more than the expensive ones. Stocks that went for less than 15 times earnings at the end of September have since dropped by a median of 11%. Those that went for more than 25 times earnings are down only 7%.

That continues a decade-long trouncing of value stocks by growth stocks, fueled by flows into price-agnostic index funds. For those who enjoy a little statistical titillation, Bank of America Merrill Lynch recently calculated that the standard deviation of forward P/Es divided by the mean is the highest it has been since 2009.

In other words, the valuation gap between the cool stocks and the outcasts has rarely been wider. BofA Merrill Lynch takes that to mean value is about to make a comeback. We’ve heard that for so long, we almost believe it.

But for stock buyers worried that the coming round of policy Whac-A-Mole will go poorly—that DebtBrexChina will induce a global economic contagion or some other type of macro sneeze on the investor salad bar—the cheap end of the U.S. market may indeed be an appealing refuge.”